Some people adore and desperately cling to hope of getting a lighter, brighter, and whiter skin. They tend to turn to some popular skin products that are incredibly damaging to the skin and can potentially cause skin cancer. There are plenty of products in the market that is popularly used for whitening that is linked to skin cancer, but we are not here to talk about them. We are here to let you know some very natural ways to achieve better and lighter skin regardless of age or ethnicity. All of them are quite known for their contribution to safely improving your skin.

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Why using Skin whitening products is dangerous for your skin.

Skin whitening products may make you a shade lighter for the time being. But you are going to pay a lot more for that one bottle of cream. These companies take advantages of your insecurities, and they make a product with all toxic ingredients.

Most of the whitening products contain mercury, and on average 1300 other particles are being used in them, according to many independent researchers, most of them not even regulated by any authority. Believing them is up to you but over usage of mercury alone if enough to give you cancer and much more skin disease.

How to get rid of dark looking skin naturally

Some of us have hyper pigmentation and dark spots that are created from sunburn and all. These things can be taken care of safely and healthily. Here is how,

Use sunscreen to protect the skin

Skin lightening sunscreen plays a crucial role to protect the skin. We tend to get sunburn when we are out on the sun for and we to lose the natural skin color of our body and skin. If your skin was lighter at a very recent time, but it does not look like that anymore, what do we do about that? Well, use sunscreen as It will not let the skin get more burned and also protect your skin from getting dark patches from the ultra-violet rays.

Take some Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a perfect product for brightening skin naturally. It will help a lot lighten your skin faster than all other whitening products. It improves the skin texture, removes dark spot, and pigmentation quickly. Vitamin C boosts the collagen production so you can use it as your anti-aging essence.

But you may have thought that lemon can be used for whitening as it is packed with vitamin C. Well it is true that lemon has vitamin C. But do not use lemon directly to the skin because it has some more ingredients along with vitamin C that is not good for the skin. You are likely to have rashes and skin allergies after using it.

Use the vitalizing effects of Aloe Vera.

Aloe is one of the rare plants that works without any side effects. It is fantastic for healing your skin. From your hyperpigmentation or discoloration around the eye or nose area apply freshly juiced aloe Vera. You name it, and aloe vera has the solution.

After you wash the skin get the soft, bright and refreshed skin that you wished for. It works better than some fairly pricey skin care products, but you can pick them anytime from home.

Use Honey to revive the glow.

There is nothing in natural skin care that can beat Honey. It is incredible itself that needs no introduction. It has natural bleaching and moisturizing properties. Incorporate Honey in your daily skin care, and you will surely see the results.

Cleanse with Glycolic acid

It is one kind of AHA which cleans pores by going deep into it. As it can clean the pores from very deep without irritating, it is already doing the whole lightening job. Because most of the time, our skin gets dull for the gunk that is in it. It also minimizes signs of aging by removing fine lines and wrinkles.